Bob Haircuts

The "bob" haircut emerged on the fashion scene during the 1920s with much outrage and debate. The first woman to wear a bob haircut was the ballroom dancer Irene Castle but little did she knew that the bob haircut would cause a real revolution in the way women would style their hair. After over 100 years during which ladies adopted those well-known long feminine looks, the free-spirited women of the time felt the need of a rebellious change in hairstyle. With role models such as Scott Fitzgerald's heroine Bernice or cartoon character Betty Boop, women had yet another reason to bob their hair.

The bob hairstyle is still in fashion today. It's one of those classic haircuts that never seem to go out of style. Not only is the bob haircut gorgeous but it is also very versatile and easy to wear.There are three basic Bob haircuts:

1. The traditional Bob - sleek one length cut - is always in trend. This sophisticated cut can suit almost any face shape. It is worn without bangs to add a touch of drama to the style. You can apply a light volumizing mousse or gel and blow it dry with a large round brush to give it shape.

2. The flippy Bob is worn with straight texturized bangs. This hairstyle looks very attractive when allowed to curve under close to the neck. You can style this haircut by turning the ends out with a large curling iron.

3.The curly Bob is an ideal hairstyle to work with naturally curly hair. You can add definition to the curls by applying a light mist of hairspray or mousse and gently scrunching the curls. However, you don't need tons of products or your hair will obtain a frizzy appearance.

Bob hairstyles with bangs or no-bangs, straight or side partings, curly or sleek, straight or angled, long or ear length, the bob haircut is here to stay.