What The Avocado Knows About Healthy Hair

It may seem strange to some people that some of the foods that they enjoy eating are actually wonderful when it comes to maintaining the health and overall look of their hair. While you may know that some of the foods that you eat can work wonders from the inside out, you may not be thinking in terms of some of the super foods that can really bring out the best in your hair, both from the inside and on the outside.

The lovely little green avocado just so happens to be one of these incredible super foods. Delicious when sliced up in a salad or even mashed up with other ingredients in a mean guacamole, the avocado has plenty of uses when it comes to good eats. However, when blended together in some of the hair care products you use on your hair itself, it can be a godsend!

This wonderful fruit, which many people seem to get confused and think it is a vegetable, is jam packed with all sort of wonderful nutrients and vitamins that are essential for impeccable hair health. Rich in B vitamins along with loads of potassium and good fats, the avocado is really like a nice little treat for your hair. Almost perfect for bringing out the shine in your hair as well as reinforcing the strength of your locks from root to tip, it is easy to see just why the avocado is great fuel for your hair as well as your body.

There are plenty of shampoos and treatments that you can buy today that contain avocado oils or extracts. You can even mash up an avocado at home along with lemon juice and a pinch of salt, leave on your hair as a conditioning treatment for twenty to thirty minutes and then rinse! The results that you can get from one little avocado will be wondrous for your hair.