Hair 101: Your Wedding Day

There is no doubt that your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life.

It's only fitting that your hair should match the formality and significance of the day. There are a few things to keep in mind, however, before you go flying into the salon by the seat of your pants!

Plan WAY ahead.

You need to have an idea of how you want to do your hair well before your visit to the salon. We're talking months. You might have an idea for an updo, but your hair is too short. You also might envision yourself with some beautiful blonde highlights, but your hair is currently dark brown. Whatever the scenario, the sooner you know what you have in mind, the sooner you can start consulting with your current stylist... and the person who will actually do your hair on your wedding day. Remember, these people might be different if you're doing an out-of-town wedding! Make sure they're both on the same page. If you're growing it out, make sure your current stylist keeps your hair regularly trimmed, and if you have layers, make sure the last trim maintains the length of the layers so they can be pulled back. If you're highlighting or dyeing your hair, make sure you start the process a few months before. You don't want roots for sure, but you also don't want the "fresh out of a dye job" look either. Go to your new color gradually so you don't shock your husband-to-be!

Have a style in mind.

Spend a significant amount of time browsing styles. No updo-specialist wants you to come in the day of the wedding and say, "Whatever you want to do is fine!". This is too much pressure on the stylist, and you might not have enough time to redo it if you don't like what they've done! Go through books, magazine, peruse the Internet... whatever it takes to get an idea in your head.

Plan a run-through.

Some people find this to be silly, but it's imperative to do. You and your stylist MUST agree on what you both envision for this day. About 4 weeks before your wedding, schedule an appointment with the stylist who will be doing your hair on the day of your wedding. Have them do exactly what they'll do on the day of the wedding, and you be responsible for timing it out. This will let you know how much time you need, whether you like what you thought you liked, and if maybe you should go with an alternative style. Also important to remember, if you're wearing a head piece, bring that too. However, most bridal gown stores (or handmade veil boutique) will NOT give you your veil, as standard stylist products like hairspray will disintegrate the veil. You'll have to assess the look of the style without the veil for the run-through.


When it comes to the wedding day, there is little more you can do. Enjoy yourself at the salon. Maybe even ask your Maid-of-Honor to bring some champagne to sip while you're in the stylist's chair. As long as you've done everything above, you're probably in great shape. Enjoy the process, and remember every moment, as it only happens once.