Wedding Hair 101: What NOT to Do

You've already read a list of helpful tips to keep in mind for your wedding day. Consider this the anti-list. Whether it's because of lack of preparation, anxiety and nerves, or simply a need to act like Bridezilla, too many brides do the wrong thing on their wedding day.

DO NOT have a breakdown.

It's important day, no doubt. However, at the end of the day, it's just hair. If you have done your preparation, there should be little room for error. If there is an error somewhere in the plan, do not take it out on your stylist. If you have time, simply ask the stylist to quickly fix, and move on. If there is not enough time, check in with your bridesmaids. If it's a small fix, maybe they can fix it quickly for you.

DO NOT keep your guests waiting.

Again, it's just hair. Some brides, in their efforts to achieve their dream hairstyle, will stay at the salon, having the stylist redo again and again until it's perfect. Think about this in the grander scheme of things: it's just hair! If your hair is not how you envisioned, fix it quickly and move on. Your hair is not worth waiting your guests wait 3, 4, even 5 extra hours in your efforts to achieve "perfection".

DO NOT act like a Bridezilla.

Chances are, you're at the salon with your mother, sisters, bridesmaids or other friends and family. If things are not going your way, do not take it out on your loved ones. They have been working, planning, organizing to end on your behalf. It is not their fault that your hair is not turning out as planned. Understand that mistakes happen and your friends are there to support you, not make things worse.