How Often Should I Color My Hair?

Having the hottest cut can be a wonderful experience, however when your color is not up to par, then you may want to think about keeping up lovely tint or highlight to really give your look a boost. Depending on the kind of look that you are looking to dress up your tresses with, you actually have several options. Once you pick the color of your choice, however, you may end up wondering just how often you need to color your hair in order to maintain a beautiful hue at all times.

All in all, it will end up depending on just how fast your hair likes to grow. For those individuals with fast growing hair, it may be necessary to color your hair every six weeks or so if you are going to be getting an all over color. This way you can keep ahead of your roots and keep them from showing through. However, if a simple highlight is on the menu, then you might actually be able to go two months or so in between visits to the salon.

For ladies with a blonde tone, the summer months may also give you a little bit of a break from coloring. After all, being out in the sun and letting the rays soak into your hair can give you a natural highlight. The same goes for the brunette who enjoys the occasional foiling or highlight treatment.

Basically, you want to keep a good line of communication with your hairdresser to make sure that you get into a good groove of coloring that suits your particular hair and style. This way, you can always make sure that you have a stunning look that will also allow your hair to remain healthy and lustrous throughout each and every season.

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