Las Vegas Hairstyles

Nothing says "Las Vegas Baby!" like a whole new look for the Sin City. But achieving that look means having to venture out of your comfort zone a little to adhere to the old adage, "When in Rome...".

In order to get the Las Vegas hairstyle that is really going to clinch the look you're going for, as well as clinch the luck you'll need to succeed, you have to plan ahead. What is your signature look now? How do you kick that look up a notch to get your Las Vegas look?

If you're typically one to wear your hair straight and plain, your Las Vegas style should be something that screams funky, stylish and risky. Try curling your hair, pinning it up, pulling it back in a trendy way, or accessorizing it with some air accessories. If your hair is short, consider extensions or a wig to give yourself a Las Vegas alter-ego that enjoys a whole different set of things that the normal you loves. If you have curly hair, consider straightening it and go for a sleek look paired with a sexy dress.

Las Vegas hairstyles are not limited to women, either. Men can frisk it up and have some fun with their appearance too. Have hair on the longer side? Try something funky for your sinful weekend like a fauxhawk. Have short hair that you can't do much with? Why not try topping it off with a stylish fedora to complete your look.

The bottom line is that Las Vegas hairstyles are all about transforming your look into a bolder, wackier you...just for as long as you're there!