Tips for Long Hair Care

Long hair is very feminine, and is favored among most guys you ask. Having long hair has been referred to as a woman's "crown of glory,"but if your crown isn't well taken care of, your glory can turn to frizzy, funky hair instantly!

As you look around you may find that some women's hair naturally shines and has a soft sheen to it, while other women's hair is frizzy and course in nature. Many people with the frizzes often have a curl to their hair. They try to wear it straight, but they still struggle with that frizz, while others can come right out of the shower, brush their hair and without using a hair dryer have the smoothest, straightest hair ever!

There are obviously different types of hair textures. We can't help the kind of hair we were born with, but we can control how our hair looks by various methods. Envious of your favorite star's hair? Those long, luscious locks are most likely a weave and let's face it, polyester hair extensions don't frizz -ever. If you want your own hair to be long, soft and luscious looking, you'll need to maintain it and fortunately it's easy to do.

Women with long hair often have to spend more time maintaining it. They wash it and have to use lots of conditioners and deep cleansers. Then they either dry it and style it or let it dry naturally. At such a point, more conditioners may be used as well as gels and hair sprays to keep the hair "tamed."

The two best tools a woman with long hair can possess are a straight iron and curling iron. Both can be used to style your long hair and get the effect you desire. No matter how great your shampoo and conditioner, if you have a natural wave or curl to your hair and decide to blow dry it, you make end up with the frizzes and course hair. A good straight iron can give you soft, shiny hair in minutes. Use a gel made to straighten hair before you iron it and you'll be set for the day.