Straightening Your Hair

For many women, nothing quite says "complete" like having perfectly pin-straight hair to accompany the perfect outfit. Women spend hours ironing, blow drying, striahgting, flattening, and brushing to achieve the perfect straightened hair style. However, it doesn't have to be as hard as you're making it! No matter what type of hair you have, there is a straightening technique that will give you the hair you're dreaming of, AND save you time.

For those with thinner or fine hair, start with a good wash. Blow dry youor hair upside down, so you can get volume at the roots of your hair. You want flat hair, not droopy hair. Take a standard flat iron and start with your hair up. Take the back into pieces and straighten a piece at a time. Do this until the whole head of hair is completed. Finish the look with a little flexible hairspray.

For those with thick hair, you might consider washing your hair less. Cut it back to every other day. Blow dry your hair with a large round brush, chunking your hair into smaller pieces. When the whole head is done, finish off the kinky or tricky pieces with a flat iron.

For those with full-on curly hair, you are advised to wash your hair even less: maybe only twice a week. Because your type of hair gets dirty, smelly and greasy less quickly than others, you can get away with washing your hair on a limited basis. Use a deep conditioning treatment once a week. (So, every other wash). This will help you get the brush through your hair easier and will make is silkier once it is straight. When blowing drying, take your hair into smaller pieces and blow dry with a medium-sized round brush. When your whole head is dry, start again with a small-scale flat iron. As your final touch, rub some wax or anti-frizz serum through your hair.

If you've tried straightening on your own and it doesn't work for you, look into getting your hair professionally straightened. Some professional straightenings will last a day or two (perfect for that big event you've been looking forward to!), or some, like the Japanese Straightening Technique lasts until your hair begins to grow at the crown again.