Kid's Hair

Children's hair is sentimental to us, yet the vivaciousness of these kids often means their hair grows fast, so we need to move past our sentiments just as fast and keep it cut regularly. No matter which style, color, texture of length, your child's hair needs to be maintained just like yours does.

Kids' hair usually does not have to be washed as often as adults. While you may give your child a bath every night, you only have to wash their hair every other time, if that (unless it's dirty, of course). Always use a gentle, easy on the eyes shampoo (we recommend organic, of possible).

Cutting your child's hair is easy too! Most salons can pop your child in the chair right after your style is complete and be done in a few short minutes. If you have a son, maybe have Dad take him to the barber shop when he goes, so he adopts the routine of keeping a clean hair cut. Little girls hair can often be cut right at home. If your daughter has a blunt long cut, simply take a pair of scissors, and even go around the back, cutting off the split ends. If you don't trust yourself to do this, take her with you when you're getting your hair done.