Spring Hair Makeovers

There is nothing embodies the renewal and rejuvenance of spring quite like a makeover. You want to welcome the new warm weather and budding blossoms with a new look, and who can blame you! As the temperature rises and the sun shines, you might be want to go shorter, lighter, edgier or classier! No matter what your style is, consider this your guide to your spring hairstyle makeover!

Cut it Off!

A lot of men and women feel a vibrancy that comes with spring, and long for a shorter hair style. Getting the hair off the back of your neck not only keeps things cool and breezy as the days get hotter, but also gives a cute and sexy style that truly personifies the meaning of spring. Flip through magazines or scan the internet for some cute style ideas and present them to your stylist for what might look best on you. One of the hottest spring trends for 2008 is the Rihanna look, a very short style that has long sweeping, chunky bangs and a very shorn back.

Lighten Up!

Now that fall and winter are on their way out, so too are the dark, stuffy clothes, fabrics and accessories. As you're transforming your wardrobe to reflect the change, transform your hair too! Dark hair is so last month! Start with a gradual change like some subtle partial highlights. As the spring progresses, add more, maybe even a full head. If you're going for the instant effect, consult with your colorist about the best light color for your skin tone and coloring. Platinum blonde is not for everyone, but you might look your best in shades or red, auburn, caramel or honey.

Get Funky!

Nothing says makeoever quite like a look you've never done before. And when could be a better time to do it? Always wanted to go super short? Now is your chance! Always longed for some edgy red streaks? Get crazy with color - spring is the most colorful time of the year!

Bring back the Class.

The spring season exudes a feeling of life, femininity, and growth, so this might be the time that you bring your class-factor up a notch. Are you going to be in some weddings this year? Be conservative with your new style so you can still work with the bride's desires. Trying to get that new job? Summer is the time of year that the most promotions are granted, so lay the groundwork now that you're ready for the next step by showing it with your mature and dignified new style. Just graduated? Get rid of the teeny-boppper college look, and let your spring makeover take you into your new life and adulthood.