Cosmetology Schools: Risk It?

Many people are tempted to go to Cosmetology schools to get their hair cut and colored. They may even attend these schools for other spa treatments or aesthetic services as well. You might be wondering if Cosmetology schools are a good option for you. We've included a list of things to think about when considering your local Cosmetology school.

Are the students supervised?

More often than not, the answer is yes, and the supervisor is every step of the way. Cosmetology schools are not likely to be at a level of taking on actual customers unless the student has reached a certain level of profiency that qualifies them to do so. If they hadn't, the school would ruin out of clients to practice on very quickly! As such, you can rest assured that someone will be watching over your shoulder...literally...for the duration of the appointment.

How long will it take?

The opposite end of always having a qualified professional watch over the Cosmetology student is that they often take a very...long....time. Some clients have reported having sat in the chair for over three hours for a basic haircut! Before you encounter this intense time-waster, call the school and ask for the average duration of an appointment with the student with whom you'll be working with. You'll have to describe your hair type, cut style, and any additional services you might want done (shampoo, blow out, etc). If your time is worth more than what you're saving to go there, you may want to consider getting it done professionally. If you have some time to spare to save the cash, book the appointment.

What am I having done?

Are you having a simple trim on a basic style? Or are you trying to get a overhauled makeover or go from one drastic style to another? If you answered the former, Cosmetology school is probably a good way to go. If you answered the latter, stick with a professional. You wouldn't trust someone just learning to do construction to build you a new house, but you might trust them to complete a little fixer-upper job. Adopt the same stance when it comes to your appearance.