Hair Styles for Face Styles

Have you ever seen someone with a really pretty face, but the ugliest hairstyle ever? The opposite can be true as well. Someone who's not as pretty can come along and have the most incredible hair and dazzle everyone in her path. It's in the hair and here's the secret that's been kept from you.

The Starting Point

Did you know that all hair stylists know a little secret? That secret is that all hair styles begin by carefully examining the shape of one's face.

Round faces - People with round faces have wide and long features that are about the same. Hair styles that work best are those that provide fullness and height. Don't part your hair in the middle; instead try a side part. Get the top layered and keep the hair closely cut around your face.

Oval faces - People with oval faces are the luckiest of them all - they can just about get away with any style they want. Most models have oval faces and can sport so many different hair styles and looks. If you're among the lucky ones with an oval shape, try a variety of hair styles throughout the year.

Heart Faces - Go for longer hair styles with side parts. Wispy bangs are acceptable and layers that come forward will help those with heart-shaped faces.

Diamond Faces - Like oval faces, diamond faces can just about get away with anything. They have dramatic features and can wear long, short and medium hair styles.

Oblong faces - These faces are a bit rectangular. Hair styles that look best are short to medium cuts. Too much long hair can make such a face look longer. Yes, there are a few models and celebrities with oblong faces who break the rules, but can you do it and get away with it?

Triangular faces - Try a shorter hairstyle that balances out your prominent jaw line. Don't go for long hair unless you want to look like a hippy version of Jay Leno

Square Faces - You can do well with short hair as well as medium. If you happen to have long hair, put a wave or curl in it. Off center parts will work best for you.