Conquering Split Ends Once and for All

What is it with split ends? Seems the longer the hair, the more the split ends! The good news is you don't have to live with split ends anymore. There are way too many fabulous products on the market that help ease split ends and way too many great salons and hairdressers who are ready to help!

Split ends occur mostly in dry and brittle hair. Damaged hair from sun, salt, excessive hair drying and bleaching can increase the likelihood of split ends. When the protective cuticle is stripped away from the hair's end fibers, you get split ends. Split ends can break off into two or three strands, possibly more depending on how thick your hair happens to be. Once the cuticle splits off, it cannot be replaced. The best way to deal with split ends is to cut them off, getting rid of the damaged fiber.

Hair that is well conditioned and moisturized with specialty oils and conditioning lotions can make the ends stronger and resistant to split ends. Having your hair trimmed regularly is the best way to fight split ends. Secondly, it's avoiding the overuse of hair dryers and straightness. Bad shampoos and waxy conditioners can all contribute to split ends.

Coloring your hair often can lead to split ends as the process is very rough on the hair, causing drying, and breaking of hair fibers. Be sure to deeply condition your hair when coloring it. Avoid poor quality brushes and combs that habitually break off your ends.

In between getting your hair trimmed, be sure to check for split ends by gently twisting sections of your hair in a downward motion. The hairs that stick out are usually the split ends. Use a sharp pair of scissors and trim off those ends. Don't be afraid to get your hair cut a little shorter next time to get all those split ends cut off once and for all. You'll then notice how quickly your hair will finally grow!