Hot Hairstyles

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder... which is why there is no one hairstyle for everyone! Our idea of a hot hairstyle can be very different than yours. But there is no denying that every so often, a hair trend takes over the nation, and stylists everywhere are honing their skills to keep up with the demand. Here are some of our favorite "Hot Hairstyle" trends:

The Bob

While we're not able to take a formal poll of all the stylists from the 1920's, there is little denying the rage of The Bob. As women everywhere gained independence and confidence from a social and political revolution, they chopped their hair in a vie for the kind of androgyny that would signify their recent advances as a sex. Paired with a dashing flapper dress, an elegantly long cigarette holder and a rousing Charleston, the Bob went down in history as a symbol of liberty and freedom.

The Flip

Despite the gains in status of the 1920's, it was only a few more decades where women once again were finding themselves in a more subservient role. In the 50's, Housewives everywhere were holding Tupperware parties, preparing TV dinners, and ironing in the heels... and flip style haircuts. It was the symbol of the quintessential housewife, with a teased crown and shoulder length hair with a prominent flip. Matched with a starched apron, a cookie-cutter husband, and a stunning set of pearls, the Flip was truly "all the rage".

Hippie Hair

Once again, women were finding their voice in society, and in the midst of protesting on the Washington DC monuments, and burning their bras, they were growing their hair out, sometimes well past their waists. While this may not have been the stylists favorite era (really, how many times did they really go to the stylist?), there is no doubt that this hairstyle dominated in this era in an unprecedented way.

The "Farrah"

The word "Feather" never took on so dramatic a meaning as the day Farrah Faucet released her infamous poster. While teenage boys everywhere were drooling over the goddess that was Farrah, women everywhere were scrambling to their stylists to replicate the look. A perfect mix of feathered, soft-looking, layered hair and enough stiffness to keep it in place (so that you were able to Karate-chop your enemies, of course), was the key to the success of this look.

Big Hair

It was a time of money, greed, and AquaNet's sales soaring. The big hair craze of the 80's took women everywhere by storm, and the only thing bigger than the shoulder pads were the bangs. With some women noted as having used an entire bottle of hairspray in one day, this was a time of teased, crunchy hair, swooping bangs and hours spent in front of the mirror.

The "Rachel"

As America's favorite show climbed the ranks in television, it was the accompanying hairstyle that really started a mega-trend among women everywhere. Jennifer Aniston's, The "Rachel" was a hairstyle phenomenon like no other, and hairstylists everywhere were trying to keep up with the demand. Being the fashion staple she is, Aniston went through many hairstyles over the course of the show, but the Rachel persisted on the heads of ladies all over the country for years to follow.

The Angular Bob AKA The "Posh"

It seems as of late, the hottest hairstyle trends all start with a fashion-forward celebrity. And who is more fashion forward today than the one and only Victoria Beckham? It seems no matter which hairstyle she is sporting, everyone else seems to follow (including her husband). But no hairstyle caught on quite as quickly as "The Posh", an angular bob with longer strands in front, shorter in the back... and of course, remember not to smile. Pretty soon, other celebrities, including Paris Hilton and Rihanna were following suit, as was the mass public. Of course, Posh had to change her style quick - she couldn't possibly have the same hairstyle as the rest of America. But the "Posh" lingers as the current HOT hairstyle.

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