Easy Hairstyles

Whether you're a mom on the go, a student with no time, a professional who is constantly moving or just a low-maintenance kind of person, you might be interested in having the easiest hairstyle to maintain. After all, who wants to spend the precious morning moments struggling with fussy hair?

Believe it or not, as a general rule of thumb, the longer the hair, the easier it is to deal with. It usually involves little styling while drying, and in the event your hair is not cooperating, you can pull it back with a clip or into a pony tail.

Sometimes, another easily maintained hairstyle is short hair with a perm. Since the curl persists day after day, and you're not supposed to blow dry, it allows many women the opportunity to jump out of the shower and worry about other things while the hair is air drying. And this takes less time since the hair is short.

A lot of new moms end up cutting their hair quite short in attempt to keep things easy and breezy. Sometimes, this has the opposite effect as short styles are sometimes hardest to take care of. If you're thinking of cutting your hair for ease, be sure to tell your stylist you're looking for something low maintenance. This probably means avoiding layers, bangs, or anything requiring a round brush while blowing dry.

Finally, avoid getting hairstyles that you see on celebrities or television personalities. If you're looking for effortlessness, these are not the styles for you. Remember, these people have professionally stylists that blow out their hair every morning, set it in rollers, and touch it up every 10 minutes in between takes. Too many women get the impression these styles are easy (because of course, that's the actresses' job!), but you're better off getting something more manageable.

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