Get This Out of my Hair!

There is nothing that can ruin your day faster than getting a gooey, icky, unknown hunk of something stuck in your hair. Before you go cutting it all off in efforts to fix the problem, here are a few tips to get the wackiest of stuff out of your (or your child's) hair!


Work peanut butter into the hair, and completely coat the gum mass. Use a wide tooth comb to pick away pieces of the gum and peanut butter. It might require several applications of peanut butter, but stick with it. Always shampoo after.

Candy and other Sticky Edibles

Use some regular cooking oil or salad oil to coat the candy. This should make the piece slide out of the hair a little bit easier. Shampoo hair after the candy is removed to get any last sticky pieces.

Petroleum Jelly

One of the most annoying globs to get out of your hair, petroleum jelly makes your hair stick together, and look horribly greasy. Luckily, it's not too hard to get out. Take a little cornstarch and pat it into your hair. Don't rub it in. The cornstarch has an absorbing effect that should remove most of the jelly right away. (As an added rule of thumb, cornstarch should get out just about any excess oils, whether it's baby oil, castor oil or cooking oil!) If you still have some residue left, pat a little more cornstarch in. Shampoo immediately after with hot water.

Stubborn Odors

For a quick fix, rub a dryer sheet through your hair. For more stubborn odors that don't come out with shampooing, rinse tomato juice through your hair. Do not try this method if you have light colored hair, as it can leave a tint to your hair.