How to Get a Celebrity Hair Cut

So you're ready for a new haircut and want it to be fabulous and attractive, right? You've gone through all the fashion mags and seen your favorite celebrities with new hair styles and you feel it's now your turn. Good for you!

To get a celebrity hair cut, find photos of the style you like. Consider the shape of your face and ask your hair stylist for guidance and direction. Would you truly look good with a celebrity hair cut? Keep in mind that if you have bangs, and the celebrity hair cut you like doesn't, you'll have to grow your bangs out. That may take time (and patience!) If you want bangs and don't currently have them, are you sure you're ready to commit to shorter hair on your forehead?

Some celebrity looks can be achieved with simple styling and no cuts. You might have to purchase a new and powerful flat iron or a better curling iron. Maybe to get that wisp you've always wanted, you need to learn a few techniques of the stars. Much can be accomplished with a good hair dryer and hair spray.

Choose a salon that has a good reputation for creating "celebrity looks." Don't go to one down the street who does your grandma's blue hair! Choose carefully. Do your research. Check out websites and look at photos to get the look you want. Also compare the celebrities hair style on their face to your own. If the celebrity has a long or triangular-shaped face and your face shape is decidedly round; the hair style may look very different on you so take that into consideration or you may be disappointed in your final choice.

Keep in mind that a little color and reshaping can go a long way. If you're having your hair colored, remember that you'll need to maintain the color regularly to avoid that "trailer trash" look often seen when dark roots show up on otherwise beautiful blonde hair styles! Ick!

Finally, keep in mind that sporting a celebrity hair cut might cost you more money in products like gels, conditioners, and deep root and split end care. If at all possible, choose a celebrity hairstyle you can maintain yourself, rather than having to go to a salon more often than you can afford!

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