Perfect Hair Clip Hair

Everyone sees the women walking around with their long hair swept up and twirled into a clip in back. If you're like most women, you have no idea how to do this properly, and when you try, it ends up falling out, spiking up, or looking all together wrong!

Fastening your hair into a clip is easier than it just requires a little perfection of the technique!

The first step is to pull your hair back towards the lower region of your head. Twist your hair just slightly (not too tight!), and draw the end of the pony tail upward, leaving a little slack to push with. Before closing the clip in on the end, assess the ends. If they are spiky and pointing upwards, tuck about half of them into your hand, leaving a few pieces out. If the spiking ends are especially stubborn, try using a little hair mud or styling wax to keep them in check.

One last thing before you fasten in the clip: push forward just slightly at the crown of your head. This will give your hair some volume and height at the most important part, and will allow for a more romantic, less severe look.

The type of clip you choose is entirely up to you. One of the most popular clips for this particular style is a interlocking-toothed clip. This is the kind where you squeeze the notches together to open the teeth of the comb, and simply fasten accordingly. Other types of clips include the oversized barrette, multiple small clips, butterfly clips or banana clips. Once you've mastered the swoop of the hair, get creative with the type, style and color of clips you're using. It allows for a funky, creative spin on your hair and really shows your personal style!