Emo hairstyles

Emo, short for emotional, despite being a trend set in the early 80's is living its full glory nowadays through its third wave. It has become virtually a culture that comes with its own music, clothing, make-up and, of course, hairstyles.

During the early years, being emo meant that your hair would be straight and unparted, but how much of this has changed through time?

Well, first of all, having emo hair requires a lot of patience and hard work. You have to grow your hair long enough to cover your face and it's very important to keep it always clean and shiny. We come to the part where you'll need a little investment, either by buying a hair straightener or by having it chemically straightened in a decent hair salon. An advice would be to try and avoid the cheapest solution, especially when purchasing a hair straightener because it will tend to become your good friend and sometimes you'll place it near your cell phone when you leave the house.

The color is usually black but there can be some variations, like dark brown for example. The next step is adding some highlights and creating a glaring contrast. For example, if the hair is dyed black it's recommended to use white or pink for a shocking appearance.

What's most important in the emo culture is to be yourself, try to have fun and experience. This is what you'll have to do with your hair. There are no rules to follow, you can play around with your hair and see what you can come out with. Be unique, add a piece of your character to your hairstyle!