Punk Hairstyles

Punk hairstyles are one of the hottest rages in hair right now - and one that seems to perpetuate the test of time. Since the 1980's punk hairstyles have been highly sought after - even when it seems like the rest of society has moved on. Now more than ever, punk hairstyles are in demand, and there are so many, those looking for the perfect punk style hardly know where to begin. Consider this your comprehensive guide to punk styles:

The Mohawk

This, obviously, is the most traditional of all punk styles. Shorn on the sides, and grown out and spiked down the midline, the Mohawk hairstyle is the most popular, most widely done, and the most common icon of the punk lifestyle.

The Glowhawk

A spin on the conventional style, this is a Mohawk done in brightly dyed colors. The Glowhawk can be all one color, or several bright colors.

The Dreadhawk

Instead of the grown-out midline being spiked upwards, it is teased into dreads. The series of dreads can be pulled back into a pony, styled up and out or in other funky fashions or braided.

The Chelsea-Hawk

The Chelsea-Hawk is mostly for women, although can be worn by adventurous men as well. It is the traditional Mohawk, worn with bangs in front.

The Slant-Hawk

A fabulous take on the Mohawk, the outgrown portion runs not down the midline, but from one side of the neck, ending at the opposite side of the head near the brow. This is a very audacious take on the traditional style, but one that will surely earn the respect of fellow punk stylers.

Liberty Spikes

Very much like the traditional Mohawk, the outgrown portion of the midline is separated into spikes that resemble the spikes of the Statue of Liberty. For this style, the longer the midline spikes, the better, so plan on growing them out for added effect.

The 270

This is just a take on the Mohawk, except when the grown-out midline reaches the forehead, the hair is worn straight out, giving the entire style a 270 look from neck to forehead.

The Reverse Mohawk

A really wacky take on the Mohawk, instead of growing out the midline, and shaving the sides, it is the sides that are grown out (albeit in a short way), and the midline is shaved clean.

The Peacock

Also known as the side hawk, the head is shaved, lest a strip extended across the back of the head, ear to ear. The style get's it unique name in the way it's worn, with the outgrown strip of hair being styled up and out to the sides.