Professional Hair Styles for Long Hair

When you turn on the news at night, you'll notice that most female television broadcasters have short to medium hair styles, such as Katie Couric's perky hair style. If you watch entertainment news, you'll notice many of the women have long, flowing hair styles. It's true that traditionally speaking there are different types of hair styles for different types of vocations, but this doesn't mean you have to cut your long hair if you're an accountant!

The great thing about long hair is that it can be worn in a variety of ways. You can make long hair look more formal by styling it with various products designed to control volume and frizz as well as add texture and curls with hot rollers.

Professional women with long hair can also put their hair up or use barrettes to hold one or both sides of their hair away from their face and styled in a sophisticated and attractive manner. Using low key hair accessories can let you have an elegance updo for the office and still maintain an air of professionalism while knowing your hair looks its very best.

Certain side parts can add flair and a sense of the professional, complementing a business suit or any formal attire. Tying your long hair back with an elegant hair piece can be very professional and add a very clean and finished look.

Accessories to the hair can me too much, so carefully select the types of professional pins and hair barrettes that look good for the occasion in which you find yourself. A soft but professional look can be accomplished with a flat iron and some light curling using a curling iron in strategic sections of your hair.

Long hair in the day at work can be transformed into fun hair at night with hair clips, gel, braids and fancy barrettes. The key is to keep 'em guessing in terms of how you will fix your hair next. You can maintain long hair in the office with a number of different styles and let loose at night with a more casual look!