How to Choose a Shampoo

Lots of people have personal preferences when it comes to shampoo. Some people prefer to bargain shop for their hair products, while other see a real value in investing in expensive shampoos. Today, some of the options are mind boggling! Everything from caviar to gold flakes are in today's shampoos, and the price all depends on the ingredients and brand names. Consider this your quick reference guide to choosing the right shampoo for you.

Most importantly, most hair-care professionals recommend that you choose a clear shampoo, as it has more clarifying qualities (even if it is not labeled as clarifying shampoo) than other types.

If you have a specialized type of hair, such as abnormally fine, thick, curly, thin or wiry, you might want to specifically seek out a shampoo that is suited to your hair style. This might involve spending a little extra money, but it will probably be worth it. Whether you need de-frizzing, volumizing, straightening, smoothing or heavy conditioning, the few extra bucks spent on the specialized shampoo will be well worth it.

Likewise, if you have colored hair, you might want to speak to your colorist about investing in color-sensitive shampoos. You've spent a great deal of money having your hair specially colored, and you want to make sure you're preserving it adequately. There are color-treated shampoos in your neighborhood drugstore that will probably be adequate. But if you're spending a great deal on the actual coloring process, it might be worth it to invest a bit more on the shampoo.

Finally, remember that people had beautiful, clean, gorgeous hair way before they started putting gold flakes in the shampoo. If you maintain your hair the way you're advised to by your stylist, you'll be in great shape.

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