The FauxHawk

Everyone knows what the Mohawk looks like. But only those "in the know" really understand the fauxhawk.

The fauxhawk is a men's hairstyle that is longer down the midline, shorter on the sides. The difference between the fauxhawk hairstyle and the Mohawk hairstyle is the severity of the respective lengths. Mohawks tend to have strikingly long midline that is styled straight up for added effect with hair gel, mousse and hairspray. The sides are typically shaven clean and bald.

The fauxhawk is far less severe, and as such, as a more universal appeal (although the individuality of the fauxhawk is not to be minimized: it is not for everyone!). The fauxhawk is longer down the midline, but typically no longer than an inch or two longer than the rest of the head. The shorter sides are still longer in length, a stark contrast to the bald look of the Mohawk.

Because the fauxhawk is all around less severe than the Mohawk, it has been making an appearance on a few notable faces including Adam Sandler, Wilmer Valderamma, Kevin Federline, Sanjaya Malakar and Kingston Rossdale.