Tipping 101: The Hair Salon

People really reveal their insecurities in the salon, which is probably one of the reasons tipping is so important! If we're not slipping our Brazilian waxer an extra ten for their... ahem... .services, then who should we!? Unfortunately, clientele everyone are committing some major faux paus when it comes to tipping their stylists, colorist and other service providers in the salon.

Your stylist or colorist

Most stylists get somewhere between 10%-25%, with 20% being the industry standard for a job well done. There are other considerations that go into factoring the tip. If you made a last minute appointment, and the salon/stylist was gracious enough to squeeze you in, tip more towards 25%, if not more. If you regularly get your hair done every 4-6 weeks, you can tip a lower amount on the above scale, as the bill on your regular beauty maintenance is significantly more than others. Also, if you just drop into a salon and get a style done by someone who you have no ties to, you are entitled to tip less than 20%, as you have no standing relationship with them. If you're bringing your children with you, plan on tipping a little more than 20% for the total bill of all 3 jobs.

The Sink Attendant

In some upscale salons, the stylist or colorist does not do the shampooing and rinsing. But there is often a common misconception that the stylist will share a portion of his or her tip with the shampoo person. This is not usually the case! You should tip the shampoo person who rinsed you an average of $3. If they did an excellent head and neck massage with the rinsing, make it $5.

Tipping the Owner

There is another common misconception that you never tip the owner of a salon. In some cases, this may hold true, but generally speaking, this rule does not apply anymore. If you're in a small town salon with only 2-3 chairs, and the owner is on her feet with a full schedule of appointments like any other stylist, feel free to tip her. She is working just as hard as anyone else!

On the other hand, if you're having your hair done in a major city, where the salon owner does only a few appointments a day, and potentially owns more than one branch, you can either forgo the tip, or ask right out how they feel about tipping. Some owners will insist against it. Others may graciously accept it.

Tipping Other Service Providers

In your salon, you may receive other services like waxing, a manicure or a massage. The rule of thumb is start at 20% for all these treatment providers as well. If your manicurist or pedicurist throws in a mini massage, add a few bucks. If you've received a more intimate service like a b