Career Hair 101

It's not as trivial as you may think! One of the most important things you can do to advance your career is have the right look, and the right look always starts with the right hair. The old adage is true: you have to dress for the position you want. So choose a look that exudes professionalism, class and an overall put-together appearance.

For women, the right career hair is all about age. If you're young, and still youthful looking enough to pull off long hair, always make sure it's trimmed and free of split ends. Never go to work with unclean or greasy hair, or hair reeking of last night's cocktail hour. Choose styles that are low maintenance enough to require little touching up during the day, so you can focus on your work. And don't be afraid to mix it up. Adding barrettes, headbands, ponytails, and braids to your hairstyle repertoire shows other people you're versatile and innovative. For older women, choose short and sexy styles. Avoid styles that look matronly or are unflattering. Layers and flips are attractive and require little work once they are styled in the morning. Unlike the younger women, you should avoid trendy hair accessories, as they detract from your appearance and may give the impression of trying too hard.

Men should keep their hair short and regularly trimmed. Busy business men will frequently cite a lack of time to keep their hair trimmed and looking professional and dignified, but as you know, a stop at the barber rarely takes longer than a few minutes. Fit it in on your lunch breaks or before work. In between cuts, keep your neck and sideburn trimmed neatly with an electric razor. Avoid facial hair unless it's part of your signature look, but keep shaving to the bare minimum. You want to be cleanly shaven every day, but no one finds razor burn attractive.