Expensive Products: Are They Worth It?

It's an inevitable evolution that we all have to take. In our teens and early 20's, we scrape by and buy the cheapest hair products on the market (to go with our Ramen noodles,of course!) As we get older, we try all sorts of expensive shampoos, conditioners, and styling products in hopes of getting the model-esque hair we've always dreamed of. Before we know it, we're back on the cheap stuff, because low and behold, the $30 shampoos did nothing to dramatically change our appearance.

Sound familiar? Of course it does. The fact is, even if you think you won't buy into the hype of overpriced products (and no pun intended there), you will probably splurge once or twice on the basis of a recommendation from a friend.

So is it all really worth it? The answer is: maybe! While you don't need to go crazy and spend hundreds of dollars on all your products, there may be one or two that you truly love that is worth the money. But the fact is, these products are at your discretion. Suppose you have curly hair and you really love an expensive anti-frizz cream. By all means, own it! Just save money on the other products. If you buy into the latest craze that mousse with caviar is the key to your beauty, splurge there. But hold back on the shampoos and conditioners.

You also might be into Organic products, or products specifically not tested on animals. Good for you. However, as you know, these can get pricey. Perhaps pick one or two of the high-end products that you really can't live without, and peruse the Internet for some less expensive organic products.

At the end of the day, this decision is all about picking and choosing. Opt for a few expensive products if they truly make you feel good. Bargain shop for the others. The key to the beauty you've been trying to obtain with the pricey products is balance!

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